Oct 4 Luton Vauxhall recreation club
Oct 18 Brussels Zaventem Village
Nov 1-2 Frankfurt Schwanheim Village
Dec 14 Kempton Park Racecourse
Jul 23-25 2009 AI2009 Wyndham Orlando, FL

There were apparently no European attendees at AI08 in Dallas, whereas Frankfurt in November is likely to attract a record North American turnout, being a far more favourable time to get a transatlantic fare.


Bill Baird seems to have covered most of what is known in his US piece.


The world trade depression seems to be extending to Ebay but some items continue to buck the trend. However more and more items are unsold, including some for which copies made reasonable money not so long ago. There is also a tendency for more multiple listings e.,g a card for which there is potential demand is listed as a group with other slow movers. For such listings of more than 5 to 6 cards this means illustrating them by laying them out, or throwing them down, on the floor and taking a digital picture. In the reverse of what was the case recently, postcard show prices often now vastly exceed internet prices. This is particularly true of Croydon / Imperial cards which are rarely below 20 with dealers but can be below 10 on the net.

An unusual high value sale, over 100 for a Tu-154 raised the unlikely thought that Russian billionaires were moving out of football and into airline postcards but the buyer was in the USA. The card was this take off shot , airline issued by North Korean carrier Chosonminghang

More predictably , and staying with an Asian theme, this Air Vietnam issue 727 went for over 80

And, to show there is still some life in the Concorde market, an example from the Taxyway retrospective card series went for over 40. The buyer was in Hong Kong and the Concorde was a small image of either an early BA or a prototype in BA colours at San Francisco so who knows what the special appeal was ?

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