As I said this is issue 68 so we are coming up issue 70. I suspect that “coming up 70” may also describe many among the members, and if you include those already past that milestone and define “coming up” as 10 years to go, then probably the vast majority. I also realise that I have now done 47 issues since March 1998. Therefore we need to open a debate as to how long or whether the Club can or should continue and if so, in what form and run by whom. I would be interested in members views and will return to this issue in December, but here are a few mind-joggers. I am assuming……

  • 1) There will be fewer aviation enthusiasts in future than there are today.
  • 2) There will be fewer postcard collectors in future than there are today
  • 3) Fewer of the reduced number of enthusiasts will be interested in postcards except as source material for digital storage

Therefore, the print Newsletter, probably the sole reason for a subscription based club will cease at issue 75 (June 2011) unless a new face comes forward to keep it going. The web site should be maintained , if only as an archive of material and would become open to all. It should include or be linked to forum type pages to allow interaction between those retaining the interest. There is already a dormant site of this nature on Yahoo Groups.

Whether you agree with these assumptions and conclusions or not, your views are needed. It's amazing how quickly we will find ourselves at June 2011. It does not seem all that long since issue 22 but since then we have 9/11, a financial collapse, the rise of the “low cost” paper-less airline, collapse of many historic carriers and the excess vilification of aviation by the unthinking wing of the” green” movement. All of these make our chosen collecting theme likely to attract fewer adherents in future.

Due to other commitments I will not be responding to correspondence for most of September, but if you feel motivated to respond to the above this should not be a barrier.

On a more positive note I should mention that member Barrie James has a new book published. “Hitlers Gulf War” deals with the 1941 German backed uprising in Iraq which was suppressed largely by antique aircraft of a RAF Training School at Habbaniya. It is currently £15.99 from Pen & Sword Books

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