Since the last issue there have been some significant changes. Our longest lasting regular contributor Colin Cohen, has decided to finish his Back Page feature, which has run since at least issue 4 or maybe earlier. This is due to the drying up of the supply of new airline cards which has given less and less to write about in a “whats new” themed piece. This issue contains a reprint of one of Colin’s earliest pieces from 1993.

At the same time , Christian Gerbich, who conceived and has maintained our website since its inception has had to stand down due to other demands on his time, mainly due to being an election candidate for the German Green party. We wish him well with this, especially as it appears that the German Green party must be more tolerant than the UK equivalent who would probably expel anyone with any enthusiasm for the air travel in any shape of form. We have taken the opportunity to make a few changes to the website, which in future will be managed by Andy Hutchings. Andy has for some years produced member, Mike Charlton’s website. We expect to continue to update the site, some parts of which have become outdated, especially the directory of web-links and would welcome all comments on the new format.

With all the changes as above , I did not follow up the concept of this being an Offshore Island issue by chasing contributions. Although some “usual suspects” sent in contributions they were not enough to cover the ground adequately so that idea is on hold. Instead we have Part 2 of Imperial – Aways, covering Imperial cards from the Empire and some UK linked 30s KLM cards from the same series as this “windmill” DC-3 card.

We also have most of the usual features and the aforementioned Colin Cohen reprint. One who did send in an “island” card was Peter Marson, whose greatly enhanced Constellation history has just been re-published by Air Britain which gives an excuse to show some Connie cards.

Doug Bastin - Chester September 2007

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