Last months experiment with distribution by the printer seems to have gone OK and will be continued. This issue will be the first since Royal Mail introduced pricing by thickness which has the potential to hit us with a big cost hike. A normal 10 issue may just get through at the old rate but this one, with two pages from the USA will probably not. I will report in December on how this may or may not affect 2007 subs.

Meanwhile we have one new member Mrs M Schofield, 3 Hunters Way, Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 6FC, collector of aviation art, especially Leigh & Johns. Another is on the move, Ken Sanford has relocated from Switzerland to 613 Championship Drive, Oxford CT06478, USA.

On the subject of moves, Phil has settled down in Shoreham and finds the local aviation scene fairly active with two rival local societies. It seems to be usual for aviation societies to split into warring factions I can think of several other examples. As we seem to have been immune so far I can only put it down to the fact we are not a society that holds meetings

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