On the Club front, as is now usual, not all members have rejoined. However only a very few actually resigned – others have just disappeared. If you are among the latter then this will be the last issue to be received. Please note that although contact through the members@aviapc.com address is unchanged, Phil Munson’s actual E-address has now changed from jphilmunson@aol.com to phil.munson@o2.co.uk .

By the time this issue gets out the Gatwick show will have been and gone. Aviation shows still seem to draw in the numbers but models and digital products seem to take up more and more space at the expense of paper. While substituting electronics for paper makes a lot of sense as houses get smaller and smaller, the popularity of models is odd . Given the very few differences in airliner types it seems a very space inefficient means of collecting colour schemes but I guess the model fraternity would not see the point of collecting 2 dimensional images. Hope to see some of you at LGW/K2 – it will give an idea of how things are with the hobby in the UK.

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