As usual, it is late March before this issue comes out and, as usual, the reason is that we don’t know until March how many renewals are going to come in. While some have written to say they are discontinuing, others status is still unknown – those concerned will get a “this is your last issue” message with this issue. As part of the renewal process we have unfortunately also heard of the death of original member, Derek Card. Due to the uncertainty regarding some members the 2008 list will not be sent out until June. The slow rate of renewal again caused one to reconsider how many members are needed for survival. There is no mathematical formula, it is basically, for how big an audience I am prepared to put the work into producing the Newsletter and equally for Phil to manage the membership. I will return to this issue before the year-end.

We now have few members whose interest is in the pioneer days so it is less likely than it would have been in the past that we can respond to a request in conjunction with the 2008 London Picture Postcard Show. Seeing that the show theme is 2008 and 1908 was the year of the first flight in the UK, we have been asked if we could contribute to the card exhibition being planned for this years Show, in the last week in August. Please contact me if you are interested.

The Imperial list now stands at 670. I will decide how to arrange distribution by the next issue, taking into account any responses sent in with the 2008 renewal forms.

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