Thanks to all who have rejoined for 2006. As usual, a few have chosen not to, mostly due to declining interest in the hobby. Another group have just disappeared. Rather than keep sending reminders, we will send these this edition with a note saying it will be final one with thanks for past support. As a small offset, past Irish member John Killoran is rejoining. The club itself will only fade away when either its revenue makes production of the newsletter uneconomic, or, more likely contributors, producers and distributors lose interest or cease operations for any other reason. On the one hand we are again without Colin Cohenís piece but I have used his space to preview some of huge amount of material that Philip Swales has produced on 30s aviation artist Howard Leigh which will feature in June.

December speculations on the future produced zero response, - perhaps I should have been more outrageous and prophesied all the cards would have been skip-fodder within 10 years or earlier ! Likewise only two members followed up with offers to support the initiative for a 30s airline issue catalogue, so I currently lack a sense of urgency on that one.

The 2006 membership list goes out with the March paper issue and will be E-Mailed to on-line members. Please advise any changes to collecting or contact info, especially E-addresses which tend to change more often than physical ones.

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