Philip Swales send in this follow up to his June 2006 piece on artist Howard Leigh at the beginning of the year and it really should have appeared earlier, but here it is now, with apologies for the delay.

Phillip writes :-
Following my piece published in APCC 55 (June 2006) on the 1930’s aviation artist Howard Leigh, some new information has come to light on postcards illustrated by him, and I am keen to appeal to readers to help locate these.

A stroke of luck led to my obtaining some early 1930’s sepia aviation postcards which are the same images illustrated in Howard Leigh’s book "Planes of the Great War". Fig 1 – S.E.5a and A.E.G Bomber :-

While the postcards are uncredited, the publisher is identified on the reverse: “Published by John Hamilton Ltd., 32 Bloomsbury Street. London, W.C.1”. (Figure 2….

John Hamilton was a leading aviation book publisher of the late 1920’s through until the early 1940’s. I was not aware they had published any postcards.

Further research has identified these cards as belonging to "The Famous Aeroplane Series of Picture Post Cards". Seven series, each containing seven cards are described in a 1936 catalogue of John Hamilton publications. (Figure 3….

Within the same catalogue is an advertisement for the sepia prints depicting the same images. (Figure 4…

If any reader can be of help in locating any of these cards, I would be happy to hear from them. .

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