The club has one new member, Graham Lake another collector of aviation art but also with an interest in all British airliners. He is at Captiva 25B Mudeford, Christchurch BH23 3NQ Please note also a correction to Phil Munson's postcode BN43 6AG.

We wait to see how many of you will rejoin for 2007. Inevitably there will be some who leave us due to age, infirmity or declining interest, but, with the annual fee still fixed at 6 - UK and on-line, 10 or equivalent overseas for postal we hope to avoid too much fallout for financial reasons. The usual renewal form is downloadable and we ask again that people renew promptly to avoid the ever increasing cost of postal reminders.

The form includes details of how to pay by PAYPAL as an alternative to cash/cheque, which may be a help to overseas members. As the print version renewal form provides some more space to fill I have added some pictures of members, called the people Pages, including Chris Slimmer who is running next years Airliners International collectors convention in Kansas City, USA and Marvin Goldman who succeeds another US member Alan Van Wickler in running the postcard feature in the US airline collectors magazine, Captains Log. For details of both of these see www.wahsonline.com. So it merely remains to wish all members a happy Christmas and New year.

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